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This is what it's supposed to look like when done!


Under Restoration

The Saga of N3391H


Timinplane.gif (100908 bytes) A few summers ago ( too many I'm afraid ) I was lamenting   to  some friends that I didn't have a project and was looking for something to restore. I didn't want a basket case but something that needed a little TLC to become a butterfly.

It came almost immediately in the shape of a friend that had an Ercoupe. The little airplane had been put in flying condition several years before but had never been  flown. Since then it had been sitting in the grass of a private airstrip waiting for    some attention. The time hadn't been kind as it appeared that overspray from agricultural spraying in nearby fields had damaged the paint and plexiglass. Mice and birds had called   the little plane home and there were nests everywhere including a stuffed engine compartment. The interior had deteriorated in the sun and had come apart. So we aired up the tires and towed it out of the grass, removed it's wings and trucked it up to Fort Wayne, Indiana. The picture was taken after we removed the cowl and all of it's occupants possessions. After having a chance to inspect it we discovered that there was more to getting it airworthy than we first expected. The FAA had issued some airworthiness directives that would require a lot of time, and it seemed as though every part we removed to inspect or clean, caused us to have to remove another.



91Hat07C.gif (166639 bytes)     


 While we worked on the wings, the fuse sat in the "Big Hangar" in Auburn in good company! A turboprop and a jet.



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enginebird.gif (185804 bytes)


        Once we got back to the fuselage it was apparent that the birds lost a good home. This picture was taken after most of the nesting materials were removed. When the cowling was removed, the whole compartment was packed with straw, grass and bird droppings. What a mess...      



fuseinshop.gif (164006 bytes)


Once we got it into the shop, we went to work cleaning her up. In  addition  to cleaning the engine, we inspected all the other systems as well and as you can see had to remove the horizontal stabilizer and rudders. A little corrosion was found on the stab and we had to find a new one. We also did a little stripping ( the paint, not us! ) to see how it would come off.


Frontbelly.gif (161523 bytes)



 The insides were a little dirty but we removed all the flooring seats and stuff so we could clean it up and fix what's needed.






Of course, we wanted to see if the engine was in working order so we had to replace a few things due to the damage done by the critters living in the cowling! A new ignition harness and later a carburetor overhaul improves performance.