Enzi's Page


Enzi1098.jpg (218770 bytes)     Woof! Woof!!

Hi!  I'm Enzi von der Hollenburg, but folks just call me Enzi.  (Well, sometimes Dad calls me the teenage mutant ninja shepherd from h--l, but he means it affectionately - that's what they used to call my big sister Anja.)  I was  2 1/2 years old when this picture was taken, and still pretty much a puppy, much to Mom's chagrin.  She really likes us German Shepherds, but every time one of us is young, she laments that a GSD's puppyhood lasts a good three years.  I'd quit eating the walls (that really made Mom & Dad mad!), but still liked to tear up papers and pillows.  Mom even had to tell one of her students "My dog ate your homework" - fortunately I left the important parts. 

I absolutely love to bark!! - but only at other dogs, or places where other dogs sometimes are, or sometimes just for the sheer joy of it.  I'm not much at barking when people come near the house, but they'd better not try anything silly with my people.   I really watch when something new or different is happening close, and sometimes let out a little growl.  Mom calls me "high drive" with a "full bite".  I just know that when I've had a chance to play with people using a bite-sleeve I've had a lot of fun

MorganS1298b.jpg (30591 bytes)This [ <--- ]is my best friend "Morgan".  Mom says her name is really Gunda von der Hollenburg; if her name were really Gunda, why would they call her Morgan?  Her Dad says she's his *Morgan Shepherd* - I guess that means something if you drive race cars like her Dad does.  I just think it's neat when we get together  to play.  Sometimes we get to stay at each other's house for a couple days.  Sleepovers are fun!!

Now I've got a little brother, Eryk.  You can check out his page and see what I have to put up with.  Lots of times we play together, but sometimes I just get really tired of him, and remind him who's boss.  

This [ ---> ]is a picture of me when we got to go the state park right after Christmas 1999.  There was just a light dusting of snow, and my people got cold awful fast, but it was fun. 



Mom says:   There's a sad end to Enzi's story.  Always food aggressive, as Enzi finally matured (starting at about 3 years) she became increasingly dog aggressive and unpredictable.  When that escalated to people aggression, despite working with several behavioralists to try and get a handle on things, we knew we had a big problem.  We had also been seeing our vets all along, looking for any fixable problem.  We tried several different medications, each of which helped for brief periods before things escalated yet again.  She could not be trusted loose around even our own pack, much less in public with strange animals or people.  We came to realize how far Enzi's temperament deviated from the German Shepherd Dog breed standard, and that she never really seemed happy.  The only responsible thing to do was to end Enzi's days on earth.  We're not sure if she was a victim of bad genes, or mental illness, or ????  May she be restored at the bridge, to spend eternity happy and healthy.

June 27, 1996  --  February 7, 2001