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Enzi1098.jpg (218770 bytes)     Woof! Woof!!

Hi!  I'm Enzi Cheap cetirizine hydrochloride 10mg, but folks just call me Enzi.  (Well, sometimes Dad calls me the teenage mutant ninja shepherd from h--l, but he means it affectionately - that's what they used to call my big sister Prices for promethazine-codeine.)  I was  2 1/2 years old when this picture was taken, and still pretty much a puppy, much to Mom's chagrin.  She really likes us German Shepherds, but every time one of us is young, she laments that a GSD's puppyhood lasts a good three years.  I'd quit eating the walls (that really made Mom & Dad mad!), but still liked to tear up papers and pillows.  Mom even had to tell one of her students "My dog ate your homework" - fortunately I left the important parts. 

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